Daniel Kirk on narrative theology

Tue, 28/02/2012 - 21:47

I’m out and about at the moment and not being very productive. But I have just noticed that Daniel Kirk is doing some posts on narrative theology and its relation to biblical theology and systematic theology. He has some good things to say, too, about how we persistently refuse to let scripture speak for itself because we think theology knows better. Have a look at What is Narrative Theology? Pt. 1: Narrative Theology and Biblical Theology and Narrative Theology and Transformed Meaning.


Yes, I read it. I reviewed his chapter on women and made some general observations here.

Hi Andrew,

Scott says “What I propose for reading the Bible itself also pertains to reading it for our communities. We are part of a long story. This means that the retellings will involve some measure of transformation”.

I have been wondering lately as I follow your’s and Scott’s posts, can we indeed say something new? If we can, what would authenticate it? And is this the same as formulating doctrine?

The Narrative-historical hermeneutic seems in many ways to limit what we can say that is new.


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