(how to tell the biblical story in a way that makes a difference)

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Off the map of the biblical narrative
Postost-millennialism, or the end of eschatology as we know it
Biblical narrative, missional context, and same-sex sexual relations all in the same breath
Did God die on the cross? Part 2
Truly this man was a son of God: Jesus, kingdom and the divinity of Caesar
Jesus and the job of modern missionaries
The beginning and the end of Trinitarianism: a response to Fred Sanders
A hermeneutical parable: the frog of the gospel and the lily pond of narrative
Stories about Jesus: how they fit together, and what he means for us today
Homosexuality, Black Friday, and the disordered human condition
Same-sex same old story?
Paul’s parable of the olive tree
Getting saved in the Gospels
Why I don’t like being labelled a “preterist”
Mission - the narrative-historical board game
Double Post-Tribulational Pre-Amillennialism
Theological heresy and narrative-historical heresy
Two stories about Jesus
Can evangelicalism hitch the wagon of church and mission to the horse of historical narrative?
Samuel Adams’ summary of Wright's argument about history and theology
Who is the founder of the narrative-historical hermeneutic?
How (and why) church planters should tell their story
10 good reasons to switch to a narrative-historical hermeneutic
Church as eschatological community (part 1)
What’s wrong with the “Romans Road” to salvation?
The history of biblical interpretation—a tale of two cities
From New Perspective to missional praxis: plotting the tensions