This is a list of posts that comment at some length on particular New Testament passages. There are also a few Old Testament passages listed at the end.

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Mark 10:17 Eternal life and the story of Israel
Mark 11:15-17 Occupy London: what would Jesus have done?
Mark 11:15-17 Jesus’ protest in the temple
Mark 11:23-24 Moving eschatological mountains?
Mark 12:25 Will there be gender inequality in the resurrection?
Mark 12:35-37 The Lord said to my lord...
Mark 13:1-37 Robert Stein: Jesus, the Temple and the Coming of the Son of Man
Mark 13:24-26 Who or what will see the Son of Man coming in clouds? And where?
Mark 13:24-27 Re-registering the coming of the Son of man
Mark 13:24-27 In those days, after that tribulation...
Mark 13:29 The coming of the Son of Man: theology or history?
Mark 13:29 He is near, at the doors
Mark 14:32-36 What did Jesus fear in Gethsemane?
Luke 1:13-17 The true meaning of Luke’s Christmas, part 1
Luke 1:30-35 The true meaning of Luke’s Christmas, part 2
Luke 1:35 The conception of Jesus, Trinity, and the search for an appropriate metaphysics: it’s nearly Christmas, after all
Luke 1:35 The Holy Spirit 1: Conceived by the Holy Spirit
Luke 1:46-55 The true meaning of Luke’s Christmas, part 3
Luke 1:46-55 Some women and the story of God’s people, and a brief obituary
Luke 1:67-79 The Benedictus of Zechariah
Luke 1:68-79 The true meaning of Luke’s Christmas, part 4
Luke 2:8-20 The true meaning of Luke’s Christmas, part 5
Luke 2:10-14 Good news for all the people
Luke 2:25-38 The true meaning of Luke’s Christmas, part 6
Luke 2:29-32 Simeon and the salvation of Israel before the eyes of the nations
Luke 2:29-32 A light for revelation to the Gentiles
Luke 2:29-32 Interpreters of the New Testament should show more respect for boundaries
Luke 3:16-17 The Holy Spirit 2: He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire
Luke 3:21-22 The Holy Spirit 3: This is my beloved Son
Luke 4:5 Origen, Jesus, and the kingdoms of the world (in narrative-historical perspective)
Luke 4:16-19 The Holy Spirit 4: The Spirit given to the servant of YHWH
Luke 4:16-21 The Holy Spirit 3: This is my beloved Son
Luke 4:25-27 The widow of Zarephath, Naaman the Syrian, and the redemption of the world
Luke 7:1-10 Did Jesus heal the centurion’s male sexual partner?
Luke 7:25 Does Jesus have anything to say about homosexuality? Simple answer, no.
Luke 10:18 The fall of Satan from heaven and what comes next
Luke 10:18 St Michael kicks the dragon out of heaven
Luke 11:2-4 Why the Lord’s Prayer should be banned in cinemas
Luke 11:4 Lead us not into temptation
Luke 12:4-5 Killed and thrown into Gehenna
Luke 12:49 I came to cast a fire on the earth
Luke 12:49-53 Simon Gathercole’s argument about pre-existence and divine identity in the Synoptics
Luke 13:1-5 The killing of the Galileans and the collapse of the tower in Siloam
Luke 13:18-19 Reading the parable of the mustard seed after Christendom
Luke 13:22-24 Are those being saved few?
Luke 15:11-32 The lost and the unlost in the parable of the prodigal son
Luke 15:11-32 Kester Brewin on the failed “mutiny” of the prodigal son
Luke 15:11-32 Who is the father in the parable of the prodigal son?
Luke 16:16 The kingdom of heaven and the men of violence
Luke 16:19-31 The rich man, Lazarus and Abraham