Angels from the realms of glory, wing your flight o’er all the earth…

On a practical note, how do I find my way around this site?

There’s an index of Bible references, which provides a way to search for posts that give attention to particular passages.

You can find a list of prominent theological terms or themes discussed from a narrative-historical perspective—everything from annihilationism to the wrath of God.

There’s a few other listings under the CONTENT+ menu: an index of topics, a list of colourful charts, animations, and infographics, and a few posts that have been translated into German.

Under the METHOD+ menu there’s a list of posts in which I have tried to explain my basic narrative-historical approach.

There’s a couple of ways of searching: for words in the title or a general search using Google.

If all else fails, get in touch using the contact form. There’s a fair chance you’ll get a response.