How to tell the biblical story in a way that makes a difference

Bible reference index

This is a list of posts that comment at some length on particular New Testament passages. There are also a few Old Testament passages listed at the end.

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Matthew 1:20 The Holy Spirit 1: Conceived by the Holy Spirit
Matthew 1:20 More on the virgin conception
Matthew 1:20-21 He will save his people from their sins
Matthew 1:20-23 The birth announcement
Matthew 1:22-23 They will call his name Immanuel
Matthew 1:23 Theological hermeneutics and the meaning of “Immanuel”
Matthew 1:23 Some dull but seasonal reflections on the historical context for the fulfilment of the Immanuel prophecy
Matthew 1:23 Are Immanuel and Wonderful-Counselor-Mighty-God-Everlasting-Father-Prince-of-Peace the same person?
Matthew 1:23 The conception of Jesus, Trinity, and the search for an appropriate metaphysics: it’s nearly Christmas, after all
Matthew 2:15 Out of Egypt I called my son: the rabbit in the hat trick
Matthew 2:15 The conception of Jesus, Trinity, and the search for an appropriate metaphysics: it’s nearly Christmas, after all
Matthew 3:7 John the Baptist and the wrath to come
Matthew 3:9 Did Jesus believe that Gentiles would be included in the renewed people of God?
Matthew 3:11-12 The Holy Spirit 2: He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire
Matthew 3:16-17 The Holy Spirit 3: This is my beloved Son
Matthew 3:17 Was Jesus an adopted Son?
Matthew 4:8 Origen, Jesus, and the kingdoms of the world (in narrative-historical perspective)
Matthew 5:1-12 Blessed are the narrative-historical interpreters: preaching the Beatitudes
Matthew 5:1-12 The beatitudes
Matthew 5:3-11 The community of the Beatitudes and the restoration of creation
Matthew 5:4 Blessed are those who mourn in Western Europe
Matthew 5:5 As Scot McKnight says, the meek ought to have inherited the land
Matthew 5:5 The meek shall inherit the land: an exercise in hermeneutical restraint
Matthew 5:13 The salt of the earth
Matthew 5:14-16 The light of the world
Matthew 5:17-18 I came not to invalidate the Law or the Prophets but to fulfil
Matthew 5:17-30 Justice, justification, Jesus, Jerusalem, and the hell of fire
Matthew 5:19 In what sense are we "bound to what the New Testament teaches"?
Matthew 5:21-22 Why would being rude to someone get you thrown into the hell of fire?
Matthew 5:43-48 Should we still love our enemies?