How to tell the biblical story in a way that makes a difference

Bible reference index

This is a list of posts that comment at some length on particular New Testament passages. There are also a few Old Testament passages listed at the end.

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Romans 1:1-1:4 Born of a woman
Romans 1:3 Are Ignatius and Irenaeus reliable interpreters of Romans 1:3?
Romans 1:3 More on the supposed incarnational christology of Romans 1:3
Romans 1:3 Gospel allegiance: coming into being bodily
Romans 1:3-1:4 Was Jesus an adopted Son?
Romans 1:4 The appointment of the Son of God
Romans 1:16-17 Review of Matthew Bates, Gospel Allegiance. How does allegiance save?
Romans 1:17 What does Paul mean by “The righteous shall live by faith”?
Romans 1:18-1:32 Homosexuality, Black Friday, and the disordered human condition
Romans 1:18-1:32 Do Muslims and Christians worship the same God?
Romans 1:24-27 A summary of James Brownson’s argument in Bible, Gender, Sexuality
Romans 1:24-27 Same-sex unions in eschatological perspective
Romans 1:26-27 Resurrection, judgment, and sexual immorality
Romans 2:6 David Bentley Hart on the age to come: when, where, and who would get in?
Romans 2:12-16 Who are the Gentiles who have the work of the Law written on their hearts?
Romans 2:13-16 Righteous Gentiles and their justification by works
Romans 2:21-22 Do you rob temples? The Fulvia scam
Romans 3:21-22 Pistis Christou and Paul’s controlling narratives
Romans 3:21-25 Justification by faith (in the story of Israel and the nations)
Romans 3:21-25 The logic of salvation for Jews and Gentiles in Paul
Romans 3:21-25 Passover and atonement
Romans 3:21-26 The gospel for Jews and Gentiles according to Romans: a summary
Romans 3:21-26 Forgiveness of sins in Romans
Romans 3:21-26 Gentiles needed the death of Jesus as much as Jews did, but for different reasons
Romans 3:25 Was Jesus’ atoning death unique?
Romans 3:25 Jesus’ death as a propitiation for the sins of Israel
Romans 4:3 What was credited to Abraham by faith?
Romans 4:13 The inheritance of the world: Paul and the happy-ever-after
Romans 4:13 The meek shall inherit the world: an exercise in historical restraint
Romans 4:19-25 What was credited to Abraham by faith?