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Mission and evangelism

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Church in the court of the Gentiles 3 Sep. 2003
Christ collectives 11 Jun. 2007
Review of Brian McLaren's Everything Must Change (part 1) 5 Jan. 2008
Review of Brian McLaren's Everything Must Change (part 2) 11 Jan. 2008
Alan Hirsch, The Forgotten Ways, and the future of the church in Europe 13 Mar. 2008
Being a disciple of Jesus is not enough 24 Mar. 2008
What is a missional church? And why I think Mark Driscoll is wrong 30 Apr. 2009
Katongole: Communities of memory 21 May. 2009
The limited ambitions of the people of God 27 May. 2009
Brian McLaren, A New Kind of Christianity: the question about other religions 13 Apr. 2010
Will preaching the gospel to all the nations trigger the end? 11 Jul. 2010
David Fitch, Hirsch and Frost, and the de-ecclesiologization of mission 12 Jul. 2010
Is Christianity really any good for the world? 15 Jul. 2010
Blessing in microcosm 27 Jul. 2010
Trinitarian theology and mission 23 Aug. 2010
Pyromaniacs and the debate over cultural engagement 26 Sep. 2010
Church-planting and a gospel of justice 29 Sep. 2010
Salvation comes a close second 4 Nov. 2010
“Missio Dei” in historical perspectives, part 1 10 Jan. 2011
Where is the gospel that will drive the missional movement? 25 Feb. 2011
From New Perspective to missional praxis: plotting the tensions 25 Mar. 2011
The church is dead? 22 Jun. 2011
Norway's day of fire and the challenge of Christian formation 24 Jul. 2011
Review of Brian Jones, Hell is Real (But I Hate to Admit It) 3 Aug. 2011
Will Jesus save us from the wrath to come? 9 Dec. 2011
Wright and the mission of the early church 6 May. 2012
Is David Fitch right that God is making the world right? 26 Jun. 2012
Should the church be committed to the mission of Jesus? 2 Aug. 2012
Fitting the baptism of John into the missional narrative 7 Oct. 2012
The Great (Apocalyptic) Commission 14 Nov. 2012
Eschatology, mission and the theological formation of the church 2 Feb. 2013
What is the basis for the mission to the Gentiles? 8 Feb. 2013
A missional understanding of justification by faith (by way of Isaiah) 21 Feb. 2013
Church as eschatological community (part 1) 5 Jun. 2013
Church as eschatological community (part 2) 9 Jul. 2013
Making space for God in post-Christian Europe 23 Jul. 2013
The long, difficult story of new creation 30 Oct. 2013
The good news of a different future 12 Dec. 2013
Is Jeremiah’s letter to the exiles a missional text? 1 Feb. 2014
How might the post-charismatic “missional” church rediscover the gifts of the Spirit? 28 May. 2014


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