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Mission and evangelism

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Jesus and the job of modern missionaries 31 May. 2017
Is Jeremiah’s letter to the exiles a missional text? 1 Feb. 2014
Talking Jesus: problems with the modern evangelistic paradigm 6 Dec. 2016
Kingdom and mission. What’s changed since Schweitzer? Not much 10 Nov. 2015
Why was Jesus so polite to the centurion and so rude to the Canaanite woman? 21 Jan. 2019
Katongole: Communities of memory 21 May. 2009
Alan Hirsch, The Forgotten Ways, and the future of the church in Europe 13 Mar. 2008
How (and why) church planters should tell their story 3 Mar. 2016
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Communities of God’s future 23 Jul. 2014
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Being a disciple of Jesus is not enough 24 Mar. 2008
Review of Brian McLaren's Everything Must Change (part 1) 5 Jan. 2008
Mission and the “history of redemption” 7 Aug. 2018
What “horizon” do we have to live for? 9 Jun. 2017
Are non-Christians “lost”? 2 Dec. 2016
Church in the court of the Gentiles 3 Sep. 2003
Mission from anywhere to Europe 9 May. 2017
Does Jesus reveal to us what it means to be perfectly human? 4 Jul. 2018
Testing times: a narrative framework for the renewal of the Western church 14 Mar. 2019
Evangelicals and the narrative-historical method: three questions 6 Dec. 2018
The destiny of the unevangelised (in narrative-historical perspective) 3 Jun. 2017
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If the Bible is history, what are we supposed to do? 20 Mar. 2019
Blessed are those who mourn in Western Europe 26 Jun. 2018
“Our job is to plant the story… in ways that make sense…” 13 Jul. 2017
Review of Brian McLaren's Everything Must Change (part 2) 11 Jan. 2008
The biblical story, part three 26 Jul. 2018


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