how to tell the biblical story in a way that makes a difference

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I seriously think you guys think too much. I have read all the criss cross statements made by all of you and all of the statements are just that …criss crossed. It is hard enough to get out here into the real world and tell someone that Jesus died for their sins as opposed to your various opinions about what death is being spoken of in the Roman Road. try telling the things you are saying to a drug addict or a prostitute or an unwed mother. we will lose them as soon as we open our mothes to spout out your poision.

There are steps that take place in our christian growth an we accept Jesus the Christ as Lord of our lives as well as steps that take place when God judges us all when it comes to our eternal destination….which is not whether or not we are saved. I believe what Romans 10:9-13 says. I believe that I am saved because I accept Jesus the Christ as the son of God and I also believe that God raised Jesus from the dead so that I can be saved. I also believe that Jesus the Christ died on the Cross for my sins . I also believe that our HEARTS is where God dwells and rules. The stronger God’s influence is on our hearts, the more connected to God and Christ we will be. The more our minds and flesh take over, which I believe is Satan’s play ground, a battle insues for God to protect his property.

So If I believe the facts as I do…why am I saying this to you all? I am not a baby in Christ still on milk but I am still seeking Him. and I am doing a study on the Roman Road for a daily piece I am doing called WAYS TO WITNESS”. I need to be able to share the little things God has taught me during my fire for evangelisim so I can inspire others…and then I see your article which is confusing. Whether or not I meant to see the article has yet to be seen.