how to tell the biblical story in a way that makes a difference

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Thanks for the comment, Brandon.

The rugged individualism thing may be part of it. But I think that the difference between Europe and America in this respect is instructive.

The church in Europe is in much more of a state of crisis than the church in America. From our perspective the future of the church is not at all certain. We are in a situation very much like that of the exiles or of the persecuted New Testament churches, and so we probably have a better sense of what it means for God to intervene decisively, dynamically, on behalf of his people and for the sake of his reputation.

The church in America is still stuck in some sort of late-Christendom mindset, where it thinks it can still control the situation, manage the crisis. There is certainly faith—in many respects greater faith than we see in Europe. But there isn’t the same “fear” of what the future holds. There isn’t the same sense of narrative.