how to tell the biblical story in a way that makes a difference

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“Sorry if you feel offended?”

You know, you would probably have a lot more productive conversations with people if you dropped the sneering contempt. I don’t know if you’re trying your best to emulate the real Servetus (and that didn’t work out exceptionally well for him in terms of persuasive power), but it definitely does not lead me to believe you have correctly apprehended the Scriptures.

And of course Christians interpreted Isaiah 53 as speaking about Jesus. Christians repurposed lots of the Old Testament in light of Jesus, as well they should. That doesn’t mean Isaiah as Isaiah was thinking about Jesus when he wrote those things, and Isaiah’s original meaning is what shapes how we can meaningfully understand Jesus in light of it. That original meaning is how later rabbis could come to see the passage as also being about a Messiah. It seems rather ludicrous to think that Isaiah would interrupt assurances to Israel regarding Babylon to entertain an extended prediction of Jesus Christ who would arrive centuries later.

The only thing worse than someone being so consistently wrong is someone who is so consistently wrong and treats everyone else like they’re idiots. It’s like when young-Earth creationists make sarcastic jokes about Crocoducks - as if their gross misunderstandings are the height of wisdom and everyone else is an idiot because they don’t see how stupid the theory of evolution is.

Well, it doesn’t serve them well, and it doesn’t serve you well, either. You are a uniquely unpleasant person to have a discussion with and it troubles me that you associate yourself with Jesus.