Angels from the realms of glory, wing your flight o’er all the earth…

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I must be suffering from Postost fatigue. Of course there’s an echo of Daniel 7:13 in Mark 14:62. It’s also most strikingly of all in Mark 13:26, which didn’t get mentioned in your extract.

I’m afraid I didn’t get any of the other son of man references as connected with Daniel 7 at all. Craig Evans seems to have had a rush of blood to the head in his excitement. More interesting is that he transitions from the usual unanimous position that the Daniel son of man is a corporate figure to an unquestioned acceptance that Jesus makes him an individual, namely himself.

On the rest of your response Andrew, I usually find that you are on weakest ground when you resort to personal abuse. That’s the case here too. I don’t wish to continue this, so that’s my final comment.