Angels from the realms of glory, wing your flight o’er all the earth…

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1. My mention of the date of the beginning of the French Revolution doesn’t mean that it could be located in time from the perspective of Jesus and the New Testament church. Nor could the “conversion of Rome and the beginning of European Christendom” be put a precise data on, from the same perspective, BTW. Nor could even the date for the disaster of the destruction of Jesusalem and its temple be located precisely in time. Even today, 70 CE is a conventional date. There were two more Jewish-Roman wars, after that date, and only 135 CE can be considered, with some reason, a definitive final date. So the dates I have indicated are obvioulsy and legitimately given from our historical-theological persective. Now, 21st century.

2. The emergence of a “global environmental crisis” (there are, and/or have been several others BTW: nuclear crisis, overpopulation crisis, migration crisis, at present, etc.), while it is most serious and requires acting, rather than sitting on our hands, is a false “horizon”. Once we have become collectively secularized, our only “religion” left is “progress”. I believe that Solovyov’s book Three discussions. War, progress, and the end of history, including a short story of the Anti-Christ (1900/1904) is much more helpful for our understanding than any immediately contemporary perspective (see also my Solovyov’s Antichrist).

I think that the “kingdom of God” language belongs to history and should not be used for the final renewal of creation. It has reference to how God safeguards, judges, reforms and renews in the course of history, in response to historical events of great magnitude—such as the collapse of Western Christendom, though, as I say, this “kingdom” event was beyond the horizon of the New Testament church.

3. The “kingdom of God” notion was certainly the centre of Jesus’ preaching (and before him of John the Baptist’s). While it is still perfectly valid for today, It has nothing to do with the action of the church . In your linked post of 7 March, 2018, you write :

6. The kingdom of God was something that God would do eventually

It still is.