Angels from the realms of glory, wing your flight o’er all the earth…

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Don’t forget also that according to Matthew 28:18 Christ is omnipotent (= God).

This is not what the verse says. Jesus declares that “all authority” has been given to him. He didn’t have it before, and he has it now only because God has given it to him. I take this as an allusion to Daniel 7:13-14: he is the Son of Man who suffered and has been vindicated before the throne of God. He will reign as Lord and king at the right hand of God because God has given him the authority to do so. He will exercise YHWH’s rule over the nations on YHWH’s behalf, because YHWH has delegated that authority to him. I take your point about the Lucan phrases, but it is on the basis of this delegation that the attributes of lordship have been carried over to Jesus.