Angels from the realms of glory, wing your flight o’er all the earth…

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You asserted: There’s no point getting into an argument about the use of proskyneō again. The magi didn’t think they were looking for God born in Judea, they were looking for a special king to whom they would do obeisance, as was the custom (cf. 2 Sam. 24:20 LXX).

Concerning the gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh, the altar where YHWH was worshiped is said to consist of gold all around (Exodus 30:3). And notice as well that the very first mention of myrrh and frankincense in the Bible are also associated with this worship (Exodus 30:23, 34).[*1] Furthermore, these men were worshiping Jesus when they presented/offered these gifts to Him because it is “always in a religious sense of offerings to God. Beyond doubt, therefore, we are to understand the presentation of these gifts by the Magi as a religious offering”[*2] (cf. Matthew 5:23-24; 8:4; Hebrews 5:1; 8:3-4; 9:9).

[*1] Peter Pett: These were the greatest portable treasures that the world could afford, and all three were involved in Israel’s worship. http://tinyurl.com/u88wsy3

[*2] See Matthew 2:11 in the Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible - Unabridged by Robert Jamieson, Andrew Robert Fausset and David Brown. http://tinyurl.com/v2nd9s4