Angels from the realms of glory, wing your flight o’er all the earth…

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“There is nothing in the Bible that teaches Jesus can not be God simply because He refused to employ the use of some of His power.”

sorry, but a god experiencing being a fully CREATED human being is not “refused to employ the USE of SOME of….,” this is a BEING which is EXISTING as something OTHER than what it EXISTED as prior to “incarnation”

you literally have a pagan and changed person within the god you worship.

you made “the son” into something like a man with supernatural powers and at same time “switching” experiences . this is very pagan like beliefs.

BUT, there is nothing in the bible which teaches that “the son” has POWERS which BELONGED to him begininglessly and can be easily accessible.

“You assertion concerning authority conveniently left out the import word “all” - there is no limitation anywhere of the authority of Christ - “heaven and earth”.”

what don’t you get? the fathers COMMANDING authority is an INHERENT quality which exist in the person of the father. in the entire bible, the son NEVER says that he HAS access to this INHERENT power. “all AUTHORITY” does not mean HAVING access to a commanding power which is inherent in the father. plus, what is worse for you is that the son receives , no where does it say he RECEIVES the COMMANDING ability FROM the nature of the father.

what you are doing is conflating inherent quality which belong to the father with “all authority” which is given.

two different things.