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“You asserted: the bible clearly teaches that the “primary” commanding power and authority belonging to the father is greater than the composite (fully son and fully god) which you worship.

Functional subjection does not necessitate ontological inferiority. “

how is an absolute, unchanging being which have inherent qualities get “functionally subjected” ?

how does he get “functionally subjected” to his own commands lol ? where is “functionally subjected ” in the nt ?

where do you find in the nt that the father and the son share the same commanding powers inherent in both of them, while the son gets subjected to what is inherent in him?

“It would be helpful if you cited the book, chapter and passage. You mentioned “worship” in your post. There is not one example from the Bible when we compare the worship properly rendered unto the Father and the worship properly rendered unto the Lord Jesus that the worship the Lord Jesus receives is subordinate to the Father.”

which part of my argument were you addressing ?

“A created being would never come close to the Father in this area. This demonstrates that the Lord Jesus is God.”

so what is the “fully man” part doing while he is currently existing with “fully son” part in trinity ? which argument were you addressing ? can you quote my words