Angels from the realms of glory, wing your flight o’er all the earth…

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Hi James,

Just in case you missed it, Andrew requested in this thread that we wind up the Trinity discussion.

Also, I appreciate that you’re trying to have a discussion with Marc, but Marc is not interested in having a discussion. He’s a troll, and talking to him just makes it worse.

The arguments always follow this form:

1. Some word is used to describe Jesus that Marc insists is only used to describe the divine, typically citing some evangelically hyperbolic “reference” work.

2. Someone points out that same word is used to describe clearly non-divine people.

3. Marc points out that Jesus is God, however, so even if the word is used of non-divine people, when the word is used of Jesus, it must be in reference to divine characteristics.

4. Someone points out that this is question begging. How does Marc know Jesus is divine?

5. Marc repeats step 1.

There is no breaking this circular reasoning. I don’t know if Marc actually believes the things he says or not (I suspect he does not), but he just likes to troll this website for some reason, saying the exact same things over and over hoping someone will engage with him.

I used to engage a lot with him, too, but the general consensus is that he’s trolling and should probably just be ignored. He’s not trying to discuss or learn.