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Re: “He heals because he has been authorised and empowered to heal by the Spirit of God, and he expects his disciples to do the same thing.”

I find it intriguing that the 4th Gospel, that generally is thought of as having the highest Christology of all, contains surprising evidence that Jesus may have healed through prayer.

This was the view of one of the subjects of Jesus’ healing ministry, the man born blind (Jn 9:30-33), and it was the view of Martha, sister of Lazarus (Jn 11:21-22). Of course, these interpretations of the “method” of Jesus’ healing ministry are quite reasonably discounted as misinterpretations based on the theological priors of the speakers, though it is a bit puzzling that the composer of this Gospel thought it important to include these details.

Most surprisingly, however, this seems to have been Jesus’ own view of the matter (Jn 11:41-43).


I find Ben Witherington’s article on the identity of the “beloved disciple” and the implications for the sourcing and authorship of the 4th Gospel to be persuasive:


It that is right, it suggests that these glimpses that the 4th Gospel provides into people’s thinking about “how Jesus healed” could come from a source very close to the historical events.