Angels from the realms of glory, wing your flight o’er all the earth…

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I made a list of all the things which I could have commented on in detail in this fairly comprehensive post, but out of consideration for your marking, I thought I’d keep it short.

The main theme coming through the post is that since Jesus is frequently described as having authority, he must have obtained the authority from someone who gave it to him, so he wasn’t God. That is questionable logic.

The opposite might also be true: that this authority was God-given because he was himself God appearing as a man. The same phenomenon might also be said of the son of man figure in Daniel 7. “Worshipped” in Daniel 7:14 might not, technically, imply worship of a divine being, but the issue in question is the same as the issue in the gospels - his identity.

I think it’s a stretch to imply that the Gadarene demons were fearing the coming destruction of Jerusalem/national Israel. In what sense was that a judgment on them? You seem to take demonisation/casting out here as a metaphor, but that isn’t even implied in the account.

Likewise your interpretation of the calming of the storm: a “prophetic narrative” which sees it as anticipating “the future divine protection of the disciples as they face the violent birth pangs of the coming age”. I think that’s an enormous overreading, nowhere supported by the text.

In the calming of the storm, it’s not that Jesus expected them to calm the storm, but rather that since he was in the boat (asleep!), they should have been reassured that they would be kept safe. This is exactly what proved to be the case.

A more credible interpretation of Jesus’s ministry is that he demonstrated a God-like authority in which his teaching could reinterpret and change the law, and could be effectively exercised over sickness and physical infirmity of all kinds, over demons, over death, and over creation itself - hi-jacked in the storm episode by demonic forces. He never qualified this authority as being delegated - he simply took it. Most people would say this was blasphemous presumption, but his integrity and character seemed to be unquestionable.

God or man? You pays your money and you takes your choice.