Angels from the realms of glory, wing your flight o’er all the earth…

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Thanks for this. I think that I had better get the book; in my context, this is a highly polarizing subject and the way that one of the poles talks about this is contributing to its alienation from “the city in which it dwells”.

Question: What does it mean, practically speaking, that practicers of the proscribed behaviors will not share in the Age to Come? Given the highly concrete character of the Pauline eschatological vision that you propose, is this basically about “who is privileged to rule over (what remains of) the Empire”?

I also wonder to what extent Paul’s “from nature” arguments derive from a concern that this aspect of human behavior conform to/not frustrate the Genesis 1 command to “multiply and fill the earth”. If one does not produce offspring, then one cannot participate through one’s descendants in a future concrete Age that begins beyond the span of one’s own life.