how to tell the biblical story in a way that makes a difference

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Ryan, you seem to define “liberal” as people who are not complete dupes, so I guess I’m glad to meet your definition. 

One could go through every sentence you wrote and pick out laughable falsehoods.

Only liberals are concerned with context? So you are proud to read things out of context? “Believe what I say, because I’m stupid.”

Questioning authority started with the enlightenment? Sounds like a very poor grasp on history, like you went through a wingnut homeschool course. History is full of people who question authority. Didn’t Jesus question authorities of his time? Oh, never mind.

Can you cite any evidence about the percentage of professors that taught anything in particular at a given point in time? No need, when you can just pull “facts” from thin air, or other places I won’t mention.

Jesus warned about the last days – he also said that his listeners were in the last days, so I don’t think he had the 21st century in mind. But if he did, how do you know that he wasn’t warning against people who think like you? I think Jesus was warning against people twisting his words, as you do.

In fact, I think he wants you to give him his air back.

Because if you put his teaching in context, which I know you think is evil, you will get the sense that the point of his ministry wasn’t to get people to assert an intellectual proposition two minutes before they died to attain a Greek-type existence in the afterworld. The point was to prepare people for the world that was foretold by the prophets of the religion to which he was devoted (which as a matter of historical fact wasn’t christianity).

What really ticks me off about your type of drivel is that it is an attempt at bullying. Your ilk parrots catch phrases that you were taught in Sunday School yet miss the whole point of being a christian, which involves the fruit of the spirit. You speak as if you have settled thousands of years of debate without even having bothered to try to think about the issues.

So please, and I’m saying this for your own good, pull your pants up and go back to playing with your GI Joe dolls. And do try to stop making a fool out of yourself in public.