how to tell the biblical story in a way that makes a difference

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Ryan, which is it? One minute you say studying the bible in context is evil, then you are bragging about how many college courses you are taking.

I’m so confused. Is studying the bible good or bad?

Of course, I know your answer. Any study that you agree with is godly and any information you disagree with is evil.

If I mistake you for a schoolboy idiot, it is because you are writing like one. I’m sorry to be harsh, but you need some humility. You make blanket statements that you can’t back up and insult just about everyone who frequents this site, which is devoted to thoughtful study of christianity, then you are surprised to get smacked down?

You want to talk content now? Because you came here and threw insults and you still got nothing in the way of actually backing up what you said.

Now please, I hear your mom calling. I think she made meatloaf tonight. Yumm.