how to tell the biblical story in a way that makes a difference

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God made in pure and simple, so that even a child can understand.

I have heard this all my life, backed up by a reading of Matt 19:14. Now that I’m a dad, I find it curious that this verse has been interpreted to mean that to be a good Christian one has to have a kind of intellectual naivite. Children question everything and are curious about everything - so if we’re talking about having a child-like attitute towards faith, it doesn’t mean intellectual or moral simplicity. That’s just infantilizing the Gospel - but I grant that this version sells quite well.  

I think that it’s pretty clear that the passage contrasts Christ’s attitude to those of the disciples who become impatient when the focus of their teacher falls upon those that they regarded inconsiquential. Jesus replies that it is such ‘inconsequentials’ that matter in the Kingdom (the last shall be first etc). This has got nothing to do with having a ‘child-like’ faith.

We simply ask Him to help us, forgive us, and repent,

I think it’s about more than simply asking - Jesus Christ has a way of turning your life upside-down. Yes the salvation of our Lord is pure - but rarely simple!