how to tell the biblical story in a way that makes a difference

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Jesus never came to save sinners for do to the evil translators the word amartia is changed to hamartia or several other forms of the word and called it sin. The word from the only testament is the word transgressions and the only transgressions Jesus came to remove were those of the house of Israel that had been scattered following the divorce in Jeremiah 3 when Jesus divorced his wife for her transgressions which God saw as adultery. the only reason he could divorce his wife. having divorced her the only way he could remarry her was to die willingly to annull the first marriage vows and make a new covenant with her.

The father scattered the children among the evil rejected gentiles along the trade routes of the great Sea. 10 times the father said he would convene out the house of Israel from among the heathen hated gentles

Jesus came to the children of the divorce wife Isa 50 telling them what he was going to do for only them, the ones scattered. He would die willingly for the right to remarry the wife because he love her enough to die for her and her children.

Jesus came as the one of Adam to rescue the ones of Adam and to remove the transgressions being the ones of Adam, no other listed in Matthew n1:21

Jesus preached to the ethnee in Matthew 6:32 being the sons of God, not gentiles as the English says for the seed of Satan has never had God as their Father. He died and bought back the wife, he being the price paid to get the wife and the childen. He dispatched his learners to the ethnee in matthew 28:19 same word as matthew 6:32

No gentiles were ever saved except in the evil gentile church and made evil christians of them. there has never been a seed of Satan converted to that of the seed of Adam.

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Jerry Collins