how to tell the biblical story in a way that makes a difference

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I’m not sure what I wrote to give you the impression that I thought we should obey the Scriptures “thoughtlessly and uncritically.” Even Jesus himself saw their lessons as needing to be applied in his own life thoughtfully and with regard to the spiritual realities of his own situation. In fact, this difference in application accounts for many of his disputes with the Pharisees and many of the misunderstandings by his disciples.

What really puzzles me though is the ease with which you seem to accept the mantle “the people of God” for us today without a corresponding acceptance of responsibilities that would come with such a title. Of course, we shouldn’t obey the Scriptures “thoughtlessly and uncritically,” but please describe to us the way in which the people of God are to obey them. Otherwise, Jesus becomes to us as the royals are to the British - authoritative in name only.