how to tell the biblical story in a way that makes a difference

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Mike -

In a kind-of-cheesy way, some evangelicals have explained it this way: Scripture was not written to us, but for our benefit.

Maybe that’s a place to start. I suppose I might argue that Christians are not always called to be ‘biblical’, since the Bible is not a how-to book on every topic nor does it fully address the topics it does address. You see this being abused in many instances, with many trying to formulate biblical this and that - biblical counselling, biblical sex, biblical politics, biblical economics, and so on. This can be just as dangerous as one who says the Scripture is pretty irrelevant today. Here is another example at InternetMonk.

I’d propose prima scriptura is a much better starting point than sola scriptura. We start there, but we might not end there. And with fishing or genetics, we don’t really even go there.

Just some musings.