how to tell the biblical story in a way that makes a difference

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Well I’m sort of honoured to be mentioned in another thread lol!

There are a load of issues here and perhaps not wise to drill into them all. However as I tried to point out, 1. Andrews Narrative view can be contianed within the mainstream position ,it does not require an abandonment of it. 2. The ante Nicene fathers did all this before , exegeted the passages, wrestled and weighed the issues and the Nicene conclusion shopuld warm the cockles of every Christian theological heart. To describe ourselves as Evangelical means we will not shed that ‘orthodoxy’ that quickly otherwise surely we must lose our ‘evangelical’ epithet.

A reading of the 4 major Christological passages JN 1,PHP 2,COLL 1, HEB 1, will result in a non arian non oneness undedrstanding of who Jesus is (in my view) I for one am happy to say of him ‘he is my Lord and my God’, )JN 20v28) ‘he is my great God and Saviour’ (Titus 2v13) along with the angels I will ‘worship’ him (c/p Heb 1v6 with Lk 4v8). These are not matters of casual acceptance or rejection and neither is the ‘orthodox’ understanding unnatural to the text.

Peter, the long list of those who fought against the mainstream view including Servetus and even Isaac Newton shows the dynamism of this debate in history.

I am alarmed at the ease by which Jesus could be declared ‘not God’ ‘not creator’ when ;without him was not made ANYTHING that was made’ , the words ‘traditional’, ‘orthodox’, ‘mainstream’ may be used to describe my understanding of who Jesus is but these views are well extablished in the NT scriptures and greek arguments are indeed important because it was written in greek…my final comment for now is ‘kai theos en ho logos’.