how to tell the biblical story in a way that makes a difference

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WE don’t need Lord? To me it is the highest title, more specific than the clutch of references to Jesus as GOD (Jn 1v1,1v18,20v28,Rom 9v5, Coll2v9? Titus 2v13, 2 Pet 1v1 heb 1v8.).

It can mean ‘mister’, master’ lord of course but no no, from John 1v23 (c/p Isa 40v3) there is something else going on. Notably the useage in Romans 10 is telling. look up each occurence of Lord, check the OT reference quoted or alluded to. There is little doubt in my mind that here Jesus is being identified as LORD YHWH, its implications are and have proved to be monumental. In Php 2v11 with its background in Isaiah also indicates the bowing to the name of YHWH is in Pauline thought at least bowing to Jesus who is Kurios (Lord). The writers of the Nt have thier writings replete with these indications that GOD (EL) and LORD (YHWH) can be applied to Jesus with ease.

My theology, ‘orthodox’ theology loves ‘LORD’ as one of the titles of Jesus…don’t you?