how to tell the biblical story in a way that makes a difference

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Hi Brad,

You have asked a whole bunch of questions there, haven’t you? In all honesty, I have had an extremely busy week and am very tired. I don’t think I have either the time or the energy to answer all of them right now. Or maybe to even do justice to any of them.

But no, the doctrine of the deity of Christ, the belief that He is God incarnate, is definitely not something that I could easily set aside. There are several reasons for that. One being that I can’t see that there is any other way to read certain passages of Scripture and have them make any kind of sense at all if they are not understood as meaning that Jesus is indeed God.

The second reason is very similar to some of what Peter stated in his comment in this thread. I see no way that a mere man could be a sufficient sacrifice for the sins of every other man that has ever lived on this earth. If Jesus had any sin of His own, how would He be able to atone for the sins of others? He would need someone to atone for Him in that case as the Bible clearly states that the soul that sins shall die.

The Old Testament typology speaks of a spot and blemish free sacrifece. I hardly think a sinful man would qualify, do you? And in this sinful and fallen world, there is no way that I can imagine that any mere man is going to be able to live from the time his first breath is drawn until he takes his very last breath without ever committing a single sin. Is it possible? I don’t see how it could be if we believe the Bible’s description of man. Can you imagine a man that never from the time he was born ever had one wrong thought or one wrong attitude? Never spoke one wrong word or failed to speak a word that he should have? Never did one wrong deed or failed to do a good deed that should have been done? A man that was utterly perfect in all things? I see no way for that to be possible except in the God/man, the incarnation of God Himself in the flesh of a human being. The perfect God, perfect man, Christ Jesus.

And I have to stop there for now.