how to tell the biblical story in a way that makes a difference

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Not convoluted at all. Its simple really as long as we dont approprite the text to say something it doesn’t. Generally the Father is God Jesus is Lord. but as I pointed out the Father is often Lord and Jesus often God! Lord too as I pointed out is remarkably lofty.There is no doubt in my mind that the application of OT passages with YHWH in the Heb and kurios in the LXX to Jesus in the NT is easily enough proof to say Jesus is YHWH!

God and Lord in the OT and in the NT we (as you pointed out) have also God and Lord but this obviously Two!! Here is the change then, what may be hinted in the OT is clear in the NT. Father and Son are the same stuff (Ousia !!lol).

I can imagine your rendering of John 1v14 the word became flesh and we saw ITS glory the glory of the only begotten of the father. nah, don’t think so!

subtle distortion?, well, it does say by him all things were created too! The issue of whether there was a time when the son was not ..is really important. So are you saying he is created then? Begotten does not mean created, begotten is life from life. Begotten is the word proceeding from God, (prologue of JN) the light that shines from a source (heb). The word was ‘in the beginning (BEFORE ANYTHING WAS CREATED!!) the Son elsewhere is Alpha and Omega, Beginning and the end and First and last . Are you saying hje was created then?

Of course saying someone has primacy in regard to soething doesnt make them part of it. God of creation doesnt make God created. Lord of the house, etc etc neither does ‘arche of the creation of God in Revelation mean he is the beginning but he is the beginner the one through whom everything exists.

Come back from the arian fringe andrew, enjoy the broad pastures of biblical orthodoxy and ditch this nonsense of Jesus having no pre existence, or being a created being!! lol