how to tell the biblical story in a way that makes a difference

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I really wish my comments would quit being deleted before I have a chance to post them. Don’t know if it is the blog or my browser or what, but it has happened several times now. It’s frustrating!

Andrew, maybe I am not doing a very good job of explaining myself, but I think you may still be missing my point.

So I will try again. How could any sinful man–a man that had sinned even once in his life and that therefore had the spiritual and physical death penalty accessed to him by God pay the price for the sins of all of mankind past, present, and future? Any death (sacrifice) he could possbily make would have to pay for his own sins. How then could he also pay for the sins of all of those other humans who owed the same penalty themselves?

Only a sinless man that didn’t owe the penalty himself could begin to pay for the sins of the rest of the world. And that has been the consistent orthodox position. And I fail to see how any mere man could possibly maintain that type of sinlessless where absolutely nothing could be held against him by God. Remember James said if we fail in only one point, we are guilty of all. Only God can be/is that sinless. Does that help or make sense to you?