how to tell the biblical story in a way that makes a difference

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So what if Dunn and McGrath are teacher and pupil? In McGrath’s most recent book, “The Only True God,” he criticizes Dunn on a few issues - doesn’t each person have a mind of his/her own??? Several other scholars maintain the similar positions such as Eduart Schillebeeckx, Hendrikus Berkhof, Ellen Flesseman-van Leer, Kuschel, Hand Hinrich Wendt, J.A.T Robinson, Friedrich Loofs, etc. Are their arguments and the validity thereof going to be dismissed on similar ad hominem grounds as Dunn and McGrath?

If so, then Hurtado’s (binitarian) and Bauckham’s arguments should also be dismissed on the same fallacious grounds, as they grew up in a trinitarian environment and simply write from a position of indoctrination… how’s that for high quality logic?

For those interested in a logically more proper way of approaching the issue, including the evolution of the trinity in the early centuries, a great blog to visit is www.trinities.org/blog by Professor Dale Tuggy. He’s recently added a series of articles on the early Fathers and their understanding of the persons of God and Jesus. The debates that follow in the comment are also very insightful.

A recent paper from Butler University on the Johannine prologue can be found here: http://www.academia.edu/2905451/Manifestation_or_Incarnation

Andrew, great article as usual…