how to tell the biblical story in a way that makes a difference

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So many replies! I am away for a week with 60 teenagers, so I will be unlikely to reply for a while. Assertion isnt proof. Likewise if you cant see the ‘jointness’ of Dunnand Mcgrath its not worth me repeating. Im not familiar with specific viewpoints of most of the people you mentioned so I will take your word for it…shall I produce my list of names as well??

TRINITY is an explanation of the NT and OT data about God. It is certainly to preferred over arianism, modalism or some variation of adoptionsim or even socianism. It makes the most sense of most texts when understood correctly particularly a not too overrefined Nicene Christology, ‘does the job’ nicely.

I wont have time to chase your replies to Wallace but my texts stand as easily enough evidence for Nt data that points to Trinity. Jesus is my Lord and my God is he yours?

Would you count yourself as ‘evangelical’ Jaco?