how to tell the biblical story in a way that makes a difference

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Your highlighting Dunn and McGrath’s relationship in response to my pointing out that Bauckham does not have a critics-free case and using that as a rationale for why they would disagree is an attempt to invalidate my statements, hence the fallacious nature of your objection. Secondly, since the ad hominem you use, namely a particular relation, is the basis for discrediting their criticism of Bauckham and Hurtado, I cite other scholars who do not have any such relation, but by whose christological and interpretive schemes Bauckham’s proposals would also be found problematic on various grounds. Citing scholars just for the sake of citing them is therefore not the reason for my doing that, since you’ve apparently missed it.

Yes, Trinity is an explanation of the OT and NT data, as is Modalism, Adoptionism, Monophysitism, Arianism, and more recently even Mormonism. That in itself proves nothing. It has to stand the test of validity and soundness, as to whether the particular scheme compared to the biblical text, culture, theology and history follows from reason or not. The Trinity certainly doesn’t and is a fabrication that only emerges after the conditions I cite in my previous comment are met. Virtually every hermeneutical fallacy needs to be broken in order to arrive at it, and that is the problem.

I wont have time to chase your replies to Wallace but my texts stand as easily enough evidence for Nt data that points to Trinity. Jesus is my Lord and my God is he yours?

Hmmm…you have obviously made up your mind - probably why your logically inaccurate arguments in previous comments escaped your notice. You are obviously more than welcome to maintain a faith in total disregard of its errors and blind spots - there are millions of people in various faiths doing exactly the same. Is Jesus my Lord and my God??? In the biblical sense? Yes. In the sense you and your Nicean/Chalcedonian ancestors have formulated? No!

Would I count myself an evangelical? In the populist sense of the word, certainly not. I don’t have enough imagination to be one, or the emotional stamina to fight the cognitive dissonance that would result in my believing what doesn’t follow reasonably from Scripture. In addition to worshiping God with my whole heart, soul and strength, I strive to worship him with my whole mind too…