how to tell the biblical story in a way that makes a difference

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I didnt realise there was a flurry of various replies from jaco on various points I’ve made. (I have been away) I am happy to engage with Andrew as he is the one who is claiming to be ‘Evangelical’ you aren’t Jaco? I will say though that yoiur ‘explanation’ of the texts is inadequate as plain ‘monotheism’ always is. The honour by which Jesus is held in the Nt just wont fit your ‘messenger’ explanation. he was ‘equal with God’ before he came Php2v6, ‘without him was not made anything that was made’!! Jn 1v3 seems clear to me.

The use of proskuneo is to my mind convincing c/p Lk 4v8 and Heb 1v6 yes it is used possibly twice not referring to Jesus but the context of Heb 1 is clear ….the OT ‘king/Messiah motif is being expanded enormously. The scattered references to Jesus as God is a difficult one to navigate unless one discounts the texts as some groups do. Jn 1v1, 1v18, 20v28 rom 9v5, Tityus 2v13 Heb 1v8 2 pet 1v1 I john 5v20 combined with the whole prologue of John, Coll 1 and Php 2 and heb 1 we are faced with more ‘high’ evidence than we can stuff into a ‘messenger of the one God bag.

I like Thomas am happy to call him my Lord and my God