how to tell the biblical story in a way that makes a difference

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I regularly and often engage Modalists, Arians, Socinians and also ‘monotheists’ in debate and discussion both privately, face to face and in public on TV. I am really familiar with the various arguments and yours of course. I am however concerned that some may be ‘emerging’ into false teaching, or ‘post orthodoxy’, I am an Evangelical and I am also Charismatic and a few more multiple syllable word descriptions of my theology or standpoint could be employed as well!

However my ‘take’ and my starting place here is biblical orthodoxy and its summary as seen in Nicea.

I love the ante Nicene fathers and am content that your ‘monotheism’ would have been rejected by them and the biblical writers. My interest on this board though is on Andrews credentials as an Evangelical author and writer and my view is that people living in that world (which is very orthodoxx) have a responsibility not to be public in seeking to overturn mainstream teaching. Within the ‘academy’ perhaps yes robust discussion .

You are just one of a small number of ‘monotheists’ (I would not for one minute forsake that description of me ..I AM A MONOTHEIST too as are all orthodox Christians. It is my concern that you deny the creeds of the Church you are part of and seek to overturn its teaching, I would have some ethical concerns about that.