how to tell the biblical story in a way that makes a difference

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You have a rather insulting way of conducting discussion variously setting yourself up as the only one faithful to scripture and me being intellectually challenged, hidebound by tradition etc etc. I find it chuckle worthy but its not serious Jaco.

I couldnt chase up your replies to others because as I said I was going away for a week with 60 teenagers. Would you watch my two hour programme on the development of the Trinity, or my 90 minute debate with a modalist or read my various Trinitarian blogs….. if you dont are you then closed minded and not listening to scripture.

Your constituency is small, it is divided it is usually seeking to pick off uneducated or simple folk who havent fully understood biblical teaching or perhaps picking up on rebellious types who feel they have the true view of the bible and truth. I have talked to and have read many of your type of stuff. Its negative and uninteresting and not biblical.

I think the honest thing is to join some kind of Unitarian group and I have no idea why you distance yourself from JWs or christadelphians or the Mormons , the latter believe in a number of Gods evidently you do, if Jesus isn’t the true God then he is another one, and theres me thinking there was only one!