how to tell the biblical story in a way that makes a difference

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Sigh! Jaco you have a most unfortunate manner about you and I’m glad we are unlikely to continue this dialogue. When did I call Dunn et al ‘uneducated’? i did no such thing. I look forward to having a coffee or ice cream with Jimmy when he comes to wales next.

I do so love your assumption of rightness about the 1st century and your daft conclusion about whether i am ‘intersted’ or not in that period. I LOVE the ante nicene fathers (second time I told you that), The 1st and second century is a happy place for me and your much later style of ‘monotheism’ doesn’t belong there so please dont read it back.

If you have no interst in joining any religious movement I would suggest you leave a movement whose statement of faith is Trinitarian… it must cause you pain. We belong with others, it preserves us from arrogance and isolation and the frosty wind of assertion and dogmatism.

When it comes to scholars I have a longer list and you know it, I dont need your bluster and accusation to know that the historic position of the churches prior to nicea is far more friendly to later orthodoxy than your ;assumed’ monotheism. Your description of the considered understanding of orthodox theologians (insert very long list here) as ‘nonsensical’ smacks of arrogance or at best of ignorance.

I’ve told you twice I am familiar with Tuggy’s blog and visit there occasionally.

I have had fruitful engaging and enjoyable daialogue both in private and in public (TV usually) with a range of folk with non orthodox views from Jimmy Dunn right through to Jim Bloggs. You however are a bit to concerned about ‘being right in your own eyes’ than engaging in robust discussion about these important matters. I would encourage you to speak and ask but don’t shout and accuse those you disagree with, it doesn’t sound or look nice. There is only one True God not two or three or more. In some remarkable way Jesus is included in that Oneness and because he is ‘God’ as John tells us in Jn 1v1 then I can and will say he is my Lord and my God, he is YHWH Php 2v11 Rom 10v9. When I baptise I use the words of Matthew 28v19 which is not a later interpolation . I’m happy to trust those biblical words my friend.