how to tell the biblical story in a way that makes a difference

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Hello Andrew,
This is an interesting conversation. For the most part I agree with your post here. However, my only quibble would be with the language of “Jesus is Lord” within the American context in particular. First, we don’t live in, or have had history with, lords, dukes, or earls. We have no concept of what “lord” means in our American context. Also, given most English Bible translate the name YHWH as LORD, many Christians when they hear “Jesus is Lord” probably equate Jesus to the LORD of the Old Testament. So in effect “Jesus is Lord” and “Jesus is God” becomes interchangeable in my American context.
Though we don’t live under a monarchy, we do have a better idea of what a king is and how they function over a lord. Perhaps a better message is, “Jesus is King”?