how to tell the biblical story in a way that makes a difference

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I have a high view of scripture—actually a very high view of scripture—and a high Christology. But I quite agree that my understanding of the gospel is different to the prevailing modern evangelical view of the gospel.

Do you affirm divine authorship? Inerrancy? Infallibility? Self-Attestating?

Do you affirm that Jesus Christ is God, eternally existing in the triune God as the divine Son from all eternity? That He is God of very God being of the same divine substance with the Father and the Spirit?

True, but it’s poor hermeneutics to assume that the New Testament documents were written by a committee.

This is a statement, not an argument. If the NT is the product of the activites of the One Triune God, working through men, then the essence of that product would look very much like the same kind of document a committee might produce. The transcendant nature of Scripture necessarily leads one to assume that what the Divine Committee (Triune God) said through one man over here would not contradict and would be consistent what that same Committee said through another man over there. Hence, the assumption of divine action in Scripture forces one to assume that the New Testament documents were written by committee, a supernatural One. It is the essentence of divine origin that accounts for the unity and authority of Scripture and the fact that its production came through man that accounts for its diversity.