how to tell the biblical story in a way that makes a difference

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Thanks, Peter

You are one of the few Trinitarians I regard very highly. I have a few others and I’m honored to be their friend. If the Church’s history had more of you, she’d probably have achieved more and have been a more compelling force in our post-modern age.

I wonder if Jaco needs to look further into the Reformed faith which his mother taught him. I hope this doesn’t sound patronising. People get like this when they reach their sixties, and are usually tolerated with polite indifference!

Well, not being patronizing myself, and for a lack of a more palatable metaphor from the bible, I think vomit tastes the same at any age (cp. 2 Pet. 2:22). I am currently part of a wonderful church with great ministers as friends. It is refreshing to see how Calvin has died a slow death there and how the Emerging Church movement has them reexamine all the traditional tenets of Nicean/Chalcedonian Christianity.

As regards your faith journey, where is your next stop-over?