how to tell the biblical story in a way that makes a difference

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Hi Cheryl,

And back to your accusation about folks appealing to tradition. Tradition is appealed to here only to the extent that we have believed that “tradition” most accurately defines Biblical reality.

I’m afraid you are misrepresenting the past few exchanges I had with yourselves and others on this blog. It is overwhelmingly clear that you folks have mixed allegiances, Cheryl. As soon as your traditional and doctrinal interpretation of Scripture is scrutinized and shown to be lacking Scriptural basis, you appeal to tradition, the historical account of the “Church,” the accepted doctrines, etc., and then you dare to push the chronology back to the First Century. When shown the obvious, namely that prima traditione shapes and guides your spiritual life, you resort to the “textual basis” of your tradition (full circle). The self-deception is deafening. You have NO textual basis for your most cherished fabricated post-biblical doctrines. These doctrines prevailed becausethey were artificially sustained through oppression, persecution and brutality. Sola Scriptura is a Big Lie, an impressive bait, only to be caught by the switch of Traditional Christianity.

It is good to see how people all over the world are starting to awake to this fact. The reaction from the Establishment is understandable, especially if these reactions are met with compelling responses. So yes, it’s interesting to see what’s happening.