how to tell the biblical story in a way that makes a difference

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The REASON oneness theology was rejected from its very inception is because it contradicts that clear principles of Scripture. Your reference to prima traditione is a tactic called poisioning the well. It is a polarizing and pejorative term designed to distract and deceive. Tradition is not ipso facto contrary to doctrine. It is used in both a good sense and a bad sense in the NT documents. Anyone can call anyone else “self-deceived” and sound like they know what their talking about when they do it. What you call “persecution,” Jesus Christ and Paul called Church discipline. Men who rose up teaching doctrines contrary to those handed down directly from the apostles were dealt with harshly for their obstinance and herersy. The Church must be kept pure. That means identifying the leaven and purging it from the body. Oneness theology is heretical leaven that was purged from the Church in the very beginning. And throughout Church history, every time it has attempted to infect the body with its vile self, it has been identified and purged and its adherents excommuicated. That is not persecution, it is obedience to the teachings and faith handed down to us by the apostles themselves.

Those of us in the Chruch are forbidden from debating this issue with you as if it is a discussion between fellow-Christians. It is not! Should we be surprised if the hearts of men grow continually wicked, never ceasing in their efforts to corrupt the Church of God for whom Christ died? We are not surprised. That a great falling away should come before the end is clearly taught by Paul. The closer we move to the culmination of the great appearing of our Lord, the more wicked men will become. This correlation is clearly delineated for us in Scripture.