how to tell the biblical story in a way that makes a difference

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Just because you and some others think that after 2000 years you have found THE way to interpret the Scripture that everyone else has missed and thus come to a different understanding of just about everything written in it also doesn’t make it a correct.

I think you’re exaggerating here. I’m not the dogmatic one here, you folks are. You declare your post-biblical doctrines to be gospel-truth, not me. I show where I and others find those fabrications seriously flawed and offer solutions that are actually valid and compelling. Are there weaknesses in some areas of my understanding? Yes! Would you care to be as honest about yours? The fear of Hell usually prevents you folks from admitting it…so sad.

So no, none of what I say is true in and of themselves (who on earth claims that??? Not me!). NOr have I claimed that I am the only one “enlightened” in the world. History shows that there’s been quite a number of dissenters who did not agree with the Establishment. (You’re a product of one of those movements, you know? You are not regretting the Reformation, are you?) Our exchange up until now has shown how deafening the self-deception can be, not only in biblical hermeneutics, but the appeal to authority, the majority, etc., the fallacies, on to tradition and now back to Scripture again. Why else does someone play hop-scotch in such debates?