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Obviously you have not been formally schooled in logic. fortunately, I have studied logic and know that we don’t call them “flaws.” We call them fallacies, and they have names. I did not see one single named-fallacy. All I saw was you assertiong that I committed about 50.

I didn’t make threats or call you names Jaco. The Church has dealt with oneness theology already in her past more than once. And every time she has been forced to formally deal with, she has rightly weighed it in light of Scripture and deemed it heresy. It contradicts the clear teachings of Scripture concerning the actual existence of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as One God ever existing in three persons. Hence, anyone who teaches it would be guilty of heresy. So, logically speaking, my arugment would look like this:

All human who believe oneness theology are humans who are heretics.

Jaco is a human who believes oneness theology.

Therefore, Jaco is a heretic.

This is in fact a valid argument. There is nothing fallacious about it. If you say it is fallacious, you clearly know nothing about logic.

Another one:

Trinitarion theology is the teaching of Scripture

Oneness theology contradicts Trinitarian theology

Therefore, oneness theology contradicts Scripture.

O > H


= H

O = Oneness theology

H = Heresy

> conditional

= conclusion

This is the modus ponens form in case you are curious.

Excommunication is as old as the Church Jaco. Leave it to the heretics to cry they are being persecuted. Heretic is not name-calling Jaco. It describes someone who has abandoned orthodox dogma. Paul called men who taught false doctrine ministers of Satan. Was he guilty of name-calling?

I am not arguing with you as if I am aruging with someone who is inside the body of Christ. You are not a Christian. Unless you repent and place your faith in Jesus Christ, God of very God, you are not in Christ and you do not know God. The proof of that faith will produce a willingness to believe all that Scripture teaches concerning who God is what He is like. So long as you pervert the plain meaning of Scripture with such teachings, you will walk as a covenant-breaker.