how to tell the biblical story in a way that makes a difference

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Lets be clear once more. You are NOT in the Church to be kicked out. Your heresy proofs your faith is false.

Secondly, step into a good SBC church or a PCA church or a reformed baptist church and start teaching your views and see how fast your are subjected to correct, then rebuke, then open excommunication.

The true Church of Jesus Christ repudiates your perversion of the nature of God. I have no interest in having “open” dialogue with you on an issue that is settled. Just because heretical groups continue to sprout up and claim to be in the Church does not make it so. Many will come and claim to be Jesus’ disciples, but they will prove their lies by their fruits.

I realize this upsets you. I understand that you want a seat at the table of conservative Christian discussion. But you forfiet that seat by your heresy. I will not open a dialogue on the Trinity, yet again. There are plenty of books and resouces written about that wretched view and they are readily available for you to research. I assume you have done your research and have willingly made up your mind. Therefore, there is nothing for us to do but argue. I could never be convinced by your arguments because I grew up around your theology and know it intimately. Having a B.Th, ThM, and a ThD in theology, I have studied these matters for thousands of hours. Having over 50 hours in the languages and a focus on hermeneutics and apologetics, I know how to see fallacies in interpretive paradigms.

Endless debates on modalism or oneness theology are of little interest to me.