how to tell the biblical story in a way that makes a difference

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JT, I am not on the “outside.” I am where the early Reformers were - right where the action is! You dislike it as much as your ancestors’ enemies (Roman Church) did.

It reminds me of my engagments with Jehovah’s Witnesses - they take pride in what the apostles did in speaking with boldness against the Establishment. They take pride in the Anabaptists doing the same, just as modern Protestants commemorate the Reformers “standing for biblical truth” against orthodoxy. It’s just a pity that virtually none of you have the bravery to do the same. You’re not of their ilk. You’re as Roman Catholic in spirit as can be - only under a different name. But the allegiance to Tradition, prima traditione vs. Sola Scriptura is inescapable.

Reformation and revivification is happening under your noses and nothing will stop it anymore. The Church does not have the political muscle or the power to isolate, gag or kill as it did in the past. Paradoxally enough, people respond very well to the Biblical understanding of God, history, eschatology and life. Tradition has been on life support for long enough. There’s no use keeping this hybrid creation alive anymore…