how to tell the biblical story in a way that makes a difference

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You flatter yourself Jaco, my observations of the engagement are that ‘not very good at it’ is not an accurate description…..be that as it may…! I think you make a fundamantal mistake Jaco, the concerns that I and others have and the reason for our involvement in this issue are not to do with ‘is the Trinity biblical’ or something like that. You are described as an ‘outsider’ not because of bodily or doctinal odour! I is because you are not ‘Evangelical’. Any of the contributors here if we were discussing on say a ‘monotheist’ blog or whatever would probably hardly mention ‘orthodoxy’ or ‘Nicea’ or statements of faith, there wouldnt be any point in doing so. ON THIS page and site it is of concern to us that Andrew is working within hte Evangelical world and seems to be espousing anti trinitarian views or at least failing to affirm them.

You will find this encouraging but that to us isnt the point. ‘Evangelical’ is a word that defines a certain orthodoxy and Andrew knows what that is and he is identified as ‘one of us’ in that sense. Hence our c0ncern.

On the wider point , I have revisited Christology/trinity issues reasonably regularly all my adult life. I have read and read The ante nicene fathers, both pro and anti trinity material in abundance. Ive debated informally and formally as well as onthe media various anti trinitrians, This is an important issue and deserves my primary attention.

I have alteed my understanding and appreciation over the years but ‘within’ what is ‘orthodoxy’. The Trinity ‘explains’ things …it is the things themselves that are the non negotiables…deity of Christ etc.

My observation of the monotheist scene (kermit zarley/ Buzzard et al ) is that it is very vocal but very very small. Hardly anyone I know, know that it exists and its most vocal representative Anthony Buzzard has been given a clear hiding by White and Michael Brown and to my mind the whole movement has lost some credibilty in my eyes. Here s thelink http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4joi2P9lupw

Remember though that the ‘debate’ is really over ANdrews claimed evangelicalis not yours. You couldnt be in an Evangelical Church as ou know. That isn’t meant as a nasty comment of any kind just an obvous observation!!!