how to tell the biblical story in a way that makes a difference

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Like I said you are all wrong and this time the size of ‘your’ movement is relevant. I dnt know anyone in my area who is reassessing the ‘Trinity’ due to some ‘revivcation. ‘Our types’ of churches are generally doing well, to describe me as a tradiionalist is to not know me very well. I am a trinitarian by biblical conviction not ‘tradition’. Our Churches are not on ‘life support’!

Those who do not accept the faith or acknowledge Jesus as Lord and God are not going to be killed or vilified but they (like you) need to remove yourselves from fellowship in Evangelical churches (if yours really is one), therees plenty of room for you guys to start your own, just dont do it inside ours.

Ive debated anti and non trinitarians many times, why do they want to be ‘inside’ our churches….go and take your message to the masses and see how many are interested.

in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.